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Zumba Party

Zumba Party

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KEEP CALM and ZUMBA with us!
Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Strong, Fit and Healthy
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  • Your first Zumba Fitness class is always FREE!
  • With our FREE classes there is no need to book.
  • You can simply turn up and take part in the class of your choice.
  • What are you waiting for?
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$8.25 per class Amazing Value

Zumba your heart away for $8.25 per class. We have some of the best rates in Westchester for Zumba incorporating not only the best zumba in Westchester with some of the best instructors but you also have the opportunity at no additional cost to take part in our awesome circuit training, kickboxing and yoga classes. Come in and Zumba your heart away to the beat.
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Best of Westchester Award Winner


Voted the “Best Zumba Workout” by Westchester Magazine. It’s a PARTY! By incorporating international rhythms and dance, ZUMBA makes for a fun, easy-to-follow workout. Whether you are looking to have a great time with dance or get great exercise, ZUMBA Fitness at Belmars is the place to be!
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Zumba Instructor Needed

We are looking for a Zumba instructor to teach a Saturday morning class and to provide cover for weeknights Zumba classes @ www.zumbacise.com

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