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Biggest Loser
Congratulations to Frankie Fox for winning Body By Belmars February 27th 12 weeks fitness challenge. The results was worked out mainly by the participants muscle quality (MQ) and their weight loss.

1) Frankie Fox
First place winner was Frankie Fox.
Frankie’s muscle quality went from 42.43333333 (Good) to 48.77996333 (Good) a difference of 6.34663 in muscle quality.
Frankie’s muscle quality was the difference in her edging out the second place winner.
Frankie reduced her body fat from 42.43333333 to 35.64444444
Frankie lost 15.5 pounds on the program.
Frankie wins 3 months unlimited training at Belmars

2) Jhonelle Prince
Second place winner was Jhonelle Prince.
Jhonelle’s muscle quality went from 27.66666667 (Fair) to 47.07765444 (Good) a difference of 19.41098777 in muscle quality.
Jhonelle reduced her body fat from 37.8 to 29.36666667.
Jhonelle lost 16.5 pounds on the program.
Jhonelle wins a Fitbit watch of her choosing

3) Emma Schreiner
Third place winner was Emma Schreiner.
Emma’s muscle quality went from 34.66666667 (Fair) to 43.370339 (Good) a difference of 8.70367233 in muscle quality.
Emma reduced her body fat from 43.96666667 to 38.8
Emma lost 14 pounds on the program.
Emma wins a free Body By Belmars t-shirt.

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