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I’ve been taking Zumba classes for the past 9 months and lost 20lbs so far.
It’s the best workout I have ever tried. It’s the one form of exercise that I really look forward to doing.
It’s a lot of fun and I have never sweat so much in one hour in my life and enjoy it.
Christine is a phenomenal instructor, she’s enthusiastic and full of energy. “A true inspiration” I love Zumba!

Donna Graves

I have attended Christine’s Zumba class for about 1 year now and I can say with all honesty it’s one of my favorite workouts.
I start the workout with a smile and end with a smile. While working out with Christine I have noticed my body is changing, my endurance is higher and I am having a great time!

Rebecca Fernandez

Christine’s class has been the highlight of my week for about a year now I had absolutely no workout routine before coming to her class. I’m so thankful that I found her and fell in love with Zumba as a result she’s an awesome instructor and makes it easy for students of all levels to follow along. I never feel like it’s an obligation to work out because I have such a blast coming to class.
Christine has even inspired me to go to an instructor training!

Jillian McKiernan

Zumba with Christine has been an amazing experience. I have been coming to Zumba since October and it has helped me to lose weight.
I also participated in Body By Belmars and between the two programs I lost 10 pounds.
Christine is an awesome instructor who keeps you motivated and pump throughout the whole class.

Sahar Miandoabi

First off, I just wanted to say that being a part of Christine’s Zumba class has been an incredibly meaningful and euphoric experience to me. When I first came here to try out the class, I was depressed. At that time I was going through some difficult times in my life. I started Zumba hoping that at least I could do some workout with pumping music and other people. It has been 9 months. The truth is that my therapist could not help me out of the somber mood, but Christine’s Zumba class did. The class made me healthier and happier. I am so glad I have found her class out of the blue and starting the class was the best decision ever!

Second, Christine is a great teacher. The age range of Christine’s Zumba class may be 10-60 years old. It would not have been easy for her to meet all the needs of the diverse students in terms of physical activity level. Christine cares about her students. She encourages her students all the times to enjoy the time with decent workout. Yet, at the same time, she challenges us by raising the bar.

Lastly, Christine is a lovely and genuine person. I love her attitude, youth and energy. I always enjoy every minute of her class. The hour in her class is one of the happiest hours in my daily life. I constantly travel to Washington D.C. to attend meetings. Sometimes I come to your class directly from the airport. Great work, Christine! Congratulations and many more!!!
P.S. I also want to thank Peter for maintaining the studio clean, so we can do Zumba in a pleasant environment.


I’ve always heard so many great reviews about Zumba, so I decided to take a class. After taking Christine’s class, I left feeling more energized then I started. Christine’s energy puts you in a good mood. The classes are so enjoyable, you don’t realize you’re toning your entire body, because she makes the moves so much fun!

The Zumba moves may not be simple but Christine shows you ways to understand the movements and always tells you to go at your own pace. I’ve been doing Zumba for a month now and already got results. Thanks to Christine’s Zumba class, I’m down 4lbs! I always look forward to Christine’s Zumba classes, so come on everyone,

Marissa Ramirez

If you want a high energy, up to date, and fun Zumba workout, this is the place to go! Christine is encouraging and motivating. I have been to several Zumba classes and I keep coming back to Christine! Her classes are an addiction and I go to this class for my Zumba fix!!!

Rebecca F.

OMG…where do I begin…This Zumba class is the best I have ever been to! Christine’s energy is motivating and contagious. I have never enjoyed exercising this much. I am not inclined to dancing and can be a bit rhythmically challenged but I don’t feel out of place or like I’m totally off and I have only been going about 3 months and have already seen some results!! Zumba Fitness with Christine is definitely apart of my fitness routine, for good!!!

Rachel M.

If you’re looking for a fun class with an amazing workout, Zumba with Christine @Belmars is definitely the class to take. The workout and routines are great. The excitement and intensity is felt in every one of her classes. I definitely feel the burn during and in the days to follow and I keep going back for more!

Lina B.

Just started 3 weeks ago and so far I am seeing great results! 🙂 Talk about fun, fun, fun and more fun!
Christine pushes you to the limit while having fun. I love to dance and this is just what Christine has us do! Learning new moves and working up a sweat! Perfect combination! The hours are great for those of us that have family and the price is Perfect!
Christine’s focus is getting everyone going! I look forward to going every time. Every class is fun and different! I love Zumba fitness with Christine!!!! I know you will love it 2.

Ana S.

There are many words that could describe Christine’s Zumba Fitness class, but the one that comes to mind is….AMAZING.
I have tried other Zumba classes in the past and were somewhat disappointed because I didn’t feel like I got in a great workout.
That all changed when I went to my first Zumba class with Christine. The combination of the hot dance moves and routines, the fast pace, and her motivation makes it a great workout! Since my first class, I have been going nonstop for a few months now and it’s somewhat like an addiction…I don’t want to miss it! Again, if you’re looking for a workout that makes you sweat and allows you to have a good time while doing it…come to this class. You won’t regret it 🙂

Jennifer D.

Christine does an amazing job teaching the class! I have been going to Zumba for almost two years now and could not think of a better instructor! She keeps you motivated and changes up the songs each class keeping you on your toes to see what song is about to come next. Love the class and everyone should totally check it out!!

Sahar M.

I was actually a little nervous about taking Zumba, due to the fact that I just delivered a baby. I felt so welcomed in my first class. I wasn’t embarrassed or even shy that I didn’t know any of the dance moves. Christine gave different variations for different paces, which made things better for me. I have been going for the past 2 months and I ABSOLUTELY love the class and the music!! Found some great songs to put on my iPod!

Tiffanie B.

Zumba with Christine is in a class by itself !! She is an awesome teacher / instructor! If the founder of Zumba were to come to white plains and see the energy, the camaraderie, the focus, and pure elation the students experience in this class, he would be proud and say this is what Zumba is! This is not your typical …”Ugghhh I have to go to class tonight ” program. Christine will motivate and inspire…the students will befriend and encourage you!! There is no harsh judgment in this class!!! We are here to Zumba …..Zumba….Zumba……!!!
Seriously its a great class……..seriously !

Tony A.

I love Zumba with Christine! She is very energetic and keeps the class fun by moving at an upbeat pace. Whenever i feel like I’m about to quit, Christine always pushes me further and encourages me to keep going. I definitely recommend taking her classes if you want to see results!

Mercedes F.

Zumba with Christine is absolutely great. I’ve been to other Zumba classes in the are and they do not compare. The class is very upbeat and an awesome workout. All the students are very friendly as well. The class is very welcoming to new comers. I highly recommend this class.

Melissa C.

Zumba with Christine is a great workout and a ton of fun! Christine is a fabulous teacher who makes Zumba fun for newcomers and challenging and exciting for all her students! I am totally addicted!

Katie R.

I go to Belmars for Zumba with Christine and I have been going there for the past two months now and I am completely hooked! She is absolutely an amazing instructor! She makes you want to do better and it is honestly like one big party! I missed going out with my girls and because of Zumba with Christine this brought me back to those days! Also, Christine has easy to follow routines and sexy moves that makes you want to dance, oh and the music selections are great!! I absolutely love love love this class and I will only go there because it is THAT good! I look forward to her classes every week!!

Kathy T.