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Losing weight can sometimes feel like a losing battle for many people who are trying to get fit and healthy. Between fad diets, gym burn out and mounting frustration, the struggle to lose weight is a very real one for many people. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get healthy and lose weight. Read on for a look at ten ways that you can enhance your weight-loss strategy and remove the frustration from your life.

 Maintain a regular fitness regimen
In order to enhance your weight loss, it is important to maintain a regular and consistent fitness routine. You do not have to go to the gym every single day, but make sure that you set a schedule to allow time several times per week, even if only for a half hour.

Eat Five Small Meals per Day
It is suggested by many medical professionals that eating five small meals per day instead of the standard three larger meals may be the key to speeding up your metabolism and keeping your hunger at bay.

Stay Well Hydrated
We all know the benefits of drinking water and that we should drink the recommended sixty four ounces of water each day. Staying hydrated keeps your body and metabolism in healthy working order.

Be Careful of Calorie Bombs
You will need to be cautious of the drinks and snacks you select. Drinks that appear to be healthy could actually be calorie bombs. Be sure to check the calorie content before purchasing.

Plan Your Meals
Planning your meals in advance can help you ensure that you are cooking and eating healthy and low calorie meals. This will also help you avoid temptation.

Refrain from Eating Out
Eating out while trying to lose weight can be a real hazard to your success. Try to refrain from eating out at restaurants if at all possible; if unavoidable, check out the low-calorie or healthy options.

Get a Fitness Buddy
Getting a fitness buddy will help you stay motivated and can introduce a competitive nature to your work out.

Stay Motivated
Everyone is different. Some people need music to stay motivated, others need periodic rewards for small successes. Do what you need to keep yourself motivated.

Set Realistic Goals
One of the biggest ways to set yourself up for failure is to set unrealistic goals. Go easy on yourself and set attainable goals.

Maintain a Positive Outlook
No matter what, make sure that you keep a positive outlook. Weight loss can be difficult, but it can be even harder when you are being too hard on yourself. Stay positive.