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3 Things Zumba Strengthens Other than your muscles

Science and fitness experts all agree:  Zumba is an incredible way to build cardiovascular strength, gain flexibility, and build muscle.  It is also one of the most effective exercises that result in long sustaining and healthfully attained weight loss.  But Zumba has many more life sustaining, health building, and mental strengthening qualities than just losing weight and looking great.

  • Confidence  Zumba breeds confidence.  There is something daunting about walking into a gym with virtual strangers and putting yourself out there.  It takes confidence to walk into a room and do something outside of your comfort zone.  Zumba members often report an increase in personal confidence inside and outside the studio.
  • Balance  Zumba can improve so much more than mere muscle tone and strength.  One of the greatest physical benefits of Zumba is a stronger sense of balance.  Learning to use your muscles and train your mind can lead to improved balance, grace, and stability.  This can become even more important for individuals who are over 60, as it is during this time that muscle loss and mental acuity can begin to cause balance issues.  A stronger sense of balance means fewer falls, breaks, or life threatening injuries.
  • Social Interaction  Making friends as an adult is hard.  Zumba creates a way for individuals to come together, bond, and form a social tribe.  This social interaction can lead to longer lives, improved memory, and a higher quality of mental stability later in life.

Regardless of why you Zumba, the data supports what you already know:  Zumba is about more than losing weight and gaining health.  Zumba is the key to overall health, wellness, and happiness.