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MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014

Nearing the end of week three now.
Progress?  I’ve gotten to 105 degrees on my flexion machine, left the house a few times, and killed a moth.  You don’t know living until you’ve killed a moth while on crutches.  Although, it is pasted onto my wall until a capable person can effectively clean it off in the morning.
There was a lot of thought put into this entry.  I started taking notes on the 20th, when it was 75 degrees outside and I was laid out (inside), doing 75 degrees on my flexion machine.  Thought it was pretty appropriate.  I got the degree increase go ahead from my doctor.  He also granted a 30% weight bearing restriction.
30% means a ton!  Walking up and down the steps is easier, bathing is easier, and hell, just walking is easier!  I also started working out this past week.  It had been so long, so it was time.  400 crunches and free weights for the arms were on deck, daily.  Feeling super accomplished!
And then…80 degrees hit.  All of the bathing suit, barbecue, trail hiking, and excursion posts started on Facebook.  All of the things I couldn’t participate in.  A barbecue sounds low key enough, but the fear of the uv rays hitting your 6 inch scar will cut that dream short really quick.  Visions of sticking the top half of my body out of the window danced through my head… seriously.
More wind was taken out of my sails when I noticed that I have 4 weeks before my next appointment.  30% for 4 weeks???  When will 100% come?  And more importantly, when is my next surgery?  It’s like a shitty Dr. Seuss book with a repeated message… being immobile is not fun.
So many successes, but it’s the little things that end up driving you absolutely nuts.  Like getting all of the space on the couch and actually feeling bad about it, having to micromanage how your laundry is done, sweating the minute you get out of the shower because it requires so much effort, and lastly…not being able to clean a flipping moth off of your wall.
So now, a week and a half after my initial posts, I sit here borderline frustrated.  Sweating, while it’s literally 75 degrees but there no longer is a breeze.
Wanted to share a few pictures.  Pardon the random layout as I figure things out.
photo 1           photo 3
1 hour before surgery                                                   Hors d’oeuvres are served…
photo 5     photo 4
Time to take out the stitches!                               It was an inside job!
 photo 2    photo 1 (1)
                       Why not                                                          Everyone needs a mascot