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Losing weight is simple
Here is an uncomfortable truth that no one (especially the diet industry) wants to hear:

Losing weight is simple.

It’s true.  Losing weight is one of the most simple things that one can do.  It comes down to simple math:  If the calories you consume are fewer than the calories you expend, you’ll lose weight.  Simple, right?

Yes, losing weight is simple, but no one ever said it was easy.

As we know, losing weight is about much more than just eating and exercising.  Losing weight is about the mental process, the daily temptations, and the difficulty to find motivation.  Losing weight can be incredibly hard, but thankfully, there are some easy and simple tricks and tips that you can implement today that will help you shed the pounds in a healthy and sustainable way.

  1. Drink More Water Water is a miracle worker.  Not only does water curb dehydration (which just happens to be one of the biggest instigators of unintentional eating), but it also fills your belly and burns calories.  Drink one large cold glass of water before each meal and snack.
  2. Stop and Give Me Ten  Find an exercise or movement that you can randomly do ten of.  Ten air squats?  Ten wall pushes?  Ten calf raises?  Ten butt squeezes?  You can do all of these in an office, in an elevator, or in your car.  There is no place you can’t discretely add a little movement in.
  3. Get a Hobby  Most unintentional eating happens when bored.  Take up a hobby.  Get a puzzle.  Join a book club.  Whatever you do, keep your fingers busy and your mind occupied.
  4. Get Off the Scale  The scale is a cruel mistress.  It can ruin your life and sabotage your efforts.  Commit to only weighing yourself weekly or every other week.  Why?  Because your body fluctuates greatly throughout the week.  Weighing yourself daily can lead to discouragement and then total abandonment of your healthy living modifications.
  5. Put Your Purse in Your Trunk  We’ve all been there:  You get out of work and the thought of making dinner is daunting and exhausting.  Often we’re tempted to run to the nearest fast food joint on our way home and grab something through the drive thru.  Don’t.  Resist the temptation of sabotaging your efforts with fatty and sodium laden junk food by leaving your purse in the trunk of your car.  With no access to your purse, you’ll be less likely to hit the drive through.

No matter how you do it, know that it takes time and it is rarely easy.  Weight loss might be simple, but we all know it is also very hard.