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Up Your Zumba Game How to Elevate Your Workout

Zumba brings fun and excitement to exercise, cardio, and strength training like no other form of movement can.  But, even if you’re a long time Zumba mover and shaker, it is easy to fall into a plateau and find yourself just going through the motions.  Here are some tricks to help up your Zumba game and reinvigorate your personal dance party.

  • Let it GO  Have you found yourself getting lost in the dance steps and not lost in the music?  Try to worry less about the choreography and more about the beat.  Dance with your heart, not just your feet.
  • Befriend a newbie  Nothing can reinvigorate a seasoned Zumba vet like meeting a new Zumba member.  Befriend a newbie and get back in touch with what made you fall for Zumba in the first place.
  • Get certified to teach  Have you ever considered LEADING?!  A great way to up your energy and kill it on the dance floor is to become a Zumba leader yourself.
  • Practice at home  First of all, there is absolutely no substitute for doing Zumba in a gym with other people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shake your booty at home.  Practice some dance moves while you cook, clean, or do yardwork.
  • Get a new outfit  Retail therapy!  Sometimes all you need is a new outfit to get yourself ready to take on the world.

How do you get yourself reenergized?  What tips and tricks would you share with someone just starting out?