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Zumba with Belmars

We’ve all been there:  Walking into the studio, getting ready to move and dance, but realizing that we forgot something vital.  While it is true that Zumba is an exercise and fitness routine that requires no bulky equipment or expensive accessories, there are a few things that Zumba members worldwide will tell you that you should invest in.

  • Snap Lid Water Bottle  First of all, it is important to stay hydrated while doing any exercise.  However, it is positively critical in Zumba.  You burn a lot of calories and shed a lot of sweat, and your body needs that water to stay healthy and avoid premature fatigue, muscle exhaustion, or major medical problems.  Invest in a quality water bottle, preferably of the snap lid variety.  Why snap lid?  The access to water is quick, and you can get back to dancing faster than if you were screwing and unscrewing a top.
  • A Great Bra (If you’re a girl)  Things bounce.  Things that bounce can hurt sometimes.  An unsupportive bra during Zumba can lead to a lot of discomfort, and if you’re uncomfortable, you’re less likely to continue dancing.  Buy a good bra.  Trust us.
  • Supportive Shorts (If you’re a boy)  How do we put this delicately?  All of the reasons why girls need good bras?  Boys need good shorts for the same reason.  Things bounce.
  • Moisture Wicking Clothes  You are going to sweat a lot, and that means you’re going to want clothing that wicks the moisture.  Why?  Aside from feeling icky if your clothing is trapping the damp, sweaty, and smelly moisture to your body, non-wicking clothing can result in rashes and chaffing.

What gear can you just not live without?